Saturday, December 1, 2012


Ever feel as if you are just going through the motions? Today I pondered how I got so far from where I used to be. How did I go from my awakening to a dark night in my spirit? At my highest point I was told what I was experiencing was called a mountaintop experience. I was offended. I thought i would forever feel His presence. I did not think i could breathe if I was too far from God.
Being in his presence is life. It is like nothing words could describe. You are left longing, all your lips can utter after a godly encounter is....more. Today I read "Wonderstruck" by Margaret Feinberg. She too has gone through what others would call the valleys, but I prefer her words "the sense of holy awe was replaced by unholy indifference." She goes on to say she "misplaced the marvel of a life lived with God." I want to be amazed again! I want so much to be in awe of the God who created all that is or ever will be. I am so excited to have a fresh perspective on how I need to get out of the rut I have been in. I need to pray for God to leave me Wonderstruck again. I need to expect more in order to see more. When you seek God, you find God. I have been distracted by the daily grind for far too long. I am so grateful to have been reminded that my God is the God of wonders, He alone can give life and I desperately want to live my life with eyes wide open, no more indifference for me! I want to discover all there is to know about my Savior this side of heaven.

Oh father of mercy, giver of grace.
We long for your presence, enter this place
Show us your glory, make our hearts see.
Your wonderous power, and your majesty.
We humble ourselves before our great king.
We bow down in worship, give up everything.
Our hearts desire is to know you more.
So open our eyes as never before.
Wonderful counselor, you are what we need.
So fill us, consume us, answer our pleas.
We cry out for Jesus, quickly lord come.
We hunger for you, let your will be done.
Mold us and shape us as you desire.
Refine us God with your consuming fire.
Forgive us our sins, as we too forgive.
Teach us your ways, help us to live.
For the glory of your magnificent name.
In all that we do, let it be proclaimed.
Let our tongues confess. To our knees we fall.
Jesus Christ is Lord of all!
By Deborah Pinnell