Friday, October 26, 2012

Living Hope this Christmas

What if Jesus came back this Christmas?

While searching the Bible for "living hope" i only found one verse that used the phrase. It was referring to Jesus' resurrection. Because He is alive we have hope over death. Because He did not die we have eternal life. So then I wondered what does "living hope" (resurrection) have to do with Christmas? It goes more along with Easter than Christmas.
Then I decided without Christmas there would be no Easter. It started with His birth, but praise GOD it did not end with His death. His resurrection brings us hope for Christmas's to come. Then the thought crossed my mind "what if Jesus came back this Christmas?"
Would we be too busy with decorations to notice? Would we be out getting those last minute gifts when those eastern skies parted? Could we fit the return of our Savior into our already packed schedules?
Wouldn't it be amazing if Jesus did come during the very season we celebrate His coming in the first place! The simple thought turned into hours of wonder and speculation. Of course no man knows the hour or the day and I am no prophet claiming to know He is coming on December 25, 2012, but I do know He is coming, I do believe we need to tell the whole world that Jesus Christ was born, died, was crucified, rose on the third day, returned to heaven, and is coming again! One day, someday, any day now, maybe even His birthday. Only our Father in heaven knows when, but we who have faith in Jesus Christ are hoping and expecting His triumphant return any day!
This Christmas take a moment to ponder what we are celebrating. Think about that first Christmas and then think about the last Christmas. The one where we get to celebrate our Risen Savior for all eternity.
I pray each and everyone of my brothers and sisters in Christ will have a very Merry Christmas this year,......And if you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night on Christmas eve, it may not be reindeer.

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