Monday, May 7, 2012

Where did I go?

I was just not sensing GOD's presence lately. Like i had in the past. It is a slow fade sometimes. We just just off track a little bit, no big sin just get busy with life and lose focus, then we look around around and wonder how we got so far from GOD. Others may look at me and think that i am not living a sinful life, it's not like i am backsliding, i just know that my prayer life is not what it should be. I allow busy days to turn into busy weeks and before i know it i have become too busy for GOD. HE showed me this week where i have fallen short and i am so grateful for HIS correction. Thank you GOD for this revelation.

So this is the way you get my attention
this is the way you draw me back in.
You change my perspective and direction;
you open my eyes to see my own sin.
Broken and wounded i cry for your mercy;
desperately seeking to see your face.
Weeping and wanting to feel your presence;
passionately hoping to find my place.
You alone are my sustainer, You alone make me whole.
You alone are my GOD, you alone restore my soul.
No matter how far i stray away, i can always run back to you.
You patiently wait till i turn your way then you run to meet me too.
By:Deborah Pinnell

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