Monday, May 7, 2012

Why do I go?

People keep asking me "why are you going to Uganda?" I wrote this in response to that question.

Jesus changed my life; i am not the same.
You ask why i go? It's because HE came.
He left heaven behind to suffer and die.
I have no right to complain, or ever ask why.
Why me? Why there? What will i do?
None of that matters. LORD let me serve YOU!
There are souls that are starving, hungry for HIS word.
I must go and share all I have heard.
I know a truth the world is desperate to hear.
"You are never and alone, and you have nothing to fear. Jesus will carry your burdens; take away all your shame. He died for your sins, your'e the reason HE came."
Someone, somewhere needs to hear that today.
GOD hears their cries and now He's making a way.
HE calls on those who are asking "LORD what can i do?
I owe you my life, i want to serve you."
Leave all your comforts, follow me to the cross.
Go to the broken, show the way to the lost.
I sent others to you so you could be free.
So don't forget who you were before you knew me.
If you ever question should people really go.
Ask yourself this "What if no one ever let me know?"
By Deborah Pinnell 5-6-12

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