Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grace is Great!

By the grace of GOD I am who I am. I was saved by His grace. I rely daily on His grace and I am in Awe of His grace. JESUS died to take my sins away. Does that just boggle your mind to think that He left His majesty behind to take on the form of a human and to live as a poor person. He who had it all gave it all up for me.
I can not even imagine that He would leave heaven for earth just for me, much less that He would suffer and die for me. It is GRACE. Grace is something you don't earn or even deserve, but it is a gift that we recieve when we believe in JESUS. A full pardon for all of our sins. He paid for them at Calvary. We are covered by his blood shed on that Good Friday. I wrote this poem for my speach about Grace, but it is really all about Easter. I hope you soak in the message that JESUS paid the price for you and that He loves you more than anything. Take the gift! You will never regret it!

Dear Jesus your Grace is more than just amazing to me.
Your blood was shed so sinners could finally be set free.
On the cross at Calvary you perfected GOD’s great plan.
To rid the world of the curse of death brought on by one man.
You came to bring Salvation for those who would believe it.
And you gave the gift of eternal life to any who will receive it.
By your sacrifice we live, by your wounds we all are healed.
Because you came, because you died, our destiny is sealed.
You could have called ten thousand angels to rush down to your aid,
But You chose to stay and suffer, for our debt had to be paid.
Sin has to be punished, or GOD would not be just and true.
So instead of getting what we deserved, He placed our sin on you.
It wounds my soul to think about you dying, nailed there to a tree.
I know I don’t deserve you LORD, why choose a wretch like me?
But then you gently remind me of that sweet, amazing Grace.
The gift I could never have earned and a debt I can never replace.
For GOD so loved each one of us that he sent you as our Savior.
Now we can rest, safe in your arms, for we have found your Favor.
By Deborah Pinnell

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  1. As good here as it was last night. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts. I love you and love hearing you.
    Kathryn (Kathy) McCarty