Sunday, April 11, 2010

When Hope is just a word

when you feel broken and there is no end in sight

when youv'e tried your best but nothings ever right

when the problems seem bigger than you can comprehend

and the darkness surrounds you and the walls are closing in

when the weight of the world is more than you can bare

and the trials you're facing just don't seem fair

when the best you can do is just to pretend

when you feel like your alone, no one to call your friend

when HOPE is just a word, not something real to you

when all HOPE is lost and there is nothing left to do

when you have hit rock bottom, and you're feeling low

then it's time to turn to JESUS, and it's time to let go

let go of all the pain that your heart can no longer bare

let go of all the disappointments, and the fact that life's not fair

let go of all the anger thats welled up deep inside

let go of all the bitterness you fought so hard to hide

let GOD be GOD and realize that he can heal your pain

his abilities are endless and his love will never change

he is so much bigger than the problems we face each day

and the good news is; he's just a prayer away

so just drop to your knees and give up stress and doubt

allow your father in heaven to show you what life's about

HOPE can be more than just a simple little word you hear

it can be your way of life ,and it can cast away all fear

it can put you back on track and give you a fresh start

it can fill you with peace and joy and mend your broken heart

HOPE can't be lost if you hold on with all your might

and trust that JESUS CHRIST can make every wrong thing right

by deborah pinnell

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