Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today is Easter

Today is a day of celebrating and time for reflection. We must look back to the cross. Everything hinges on the fact that JESUS did indeed die on a cross and He did indeed rise up from the grave. Without his sacrifice we would be condemned. I am so grateful that my debt has been paid in full. There is nothing I must do, He did it all for me. We are called to take up our cross and follow him, which means we are to die to ourselves and live to declare HIS glory. I love my Savior and I will live my life in HIM and HE in me.

you paid the price
You paid the died for me.
You took my place on calvary.
My sins were yours, my debt you paid.
Now i'm redeemed, now i am saved.
I owe you my life, each hour, each day.
I owe much more than i can repay.
You are my hope, you are my all in all.
I only desire LORD to answer your call.
To do your will and tell of your gift to me.
How you sacrificed yourself, so i could be free.
You gave me something i could never deserve.
For me a place in heaven you have reserved.
And one day I'll be there falling at your feet.
I long for that day when at least we will meet.
So i can thank you JESUS for the greatest gift ever known
And spend eternity praising you, when i am finally home.
By Deborah Pinnell

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