Monday, April 5, 2010

I am so grateful to GOD!

GOD of all creation come cover me in Grace.
Send down your sweet mercy, you are my hiding place..
Seeking, ever seeking, for more and more of you.
Longing, ever longing, ‘ till I am made brand new.
Clean out this heart dear Father, empty my very soul.
Then come and fill the vacancy, you can make me whole.
I am nothing without you Lord, an empty shell at best.
But when you are present with me, my soul finds it’s rest.
Peace oh sweet, sweet Peace that no one understands.
Safely resting, secure forever; in the palm of your great hands.
Without you I am nothing special, a broken, wounded mess.
But in your word I find I’m someone you have chose to bless.
With the wisdom and the knowledge only you can provide.
I can be encouraged daily, as I walk right by your side.
Your light shines down before me to guide my path each day.
You are the truth, you are my life, you are the only way!
JESUS, my lord and savior there is no one but you!
I will praise your name now and forever, what more could I do?
By Deborah Pinnell

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